Supporting the Human Animal Bond

To foster the therapeutic benefits of the human animal bond, impact social emotional learning for youth, and restore hope to families impacted by mental health and substance use disorders.
Project Paws provides education and resources for bringing Animal Assisted Activity and Animal Assisted Therapy to your organization.

  • We offer presentations for staff, administration, school boards and parents.

  • We work alongside you to set goals and create a plan for implementing programs.

  • We provide financial assistance to school staff and community members for therapy animal training, and those looking to further their education in the field of Animal Assisted Therapy.



Meet BLU… soon to become the Lyme/Old Lyme Middle School FACILITY Dog. Guidance Counselor, Renee Molar, has been hard at work with her pup Blu, with the goal of becoming the districts first Therapy TEAM.

Project Paws believes that by incorporating facility dogs into school settings, we can foster positive outcomes for youth. Connection is critical to all learning and animals can bridge the gap for youth who have more difficulty connecting. Animals can offer unconditional love, empathy and acceptance. Studies show that petting a dog reduces blood pressure, anxiety levels and releases hormones such as Seratonin and Oxytocin (the LOVE hormone)

Last June,  nine week old puppy Blu arrived to his new home in Connecticut.  He lives with his family, mom and dad, Renee and Chris and siblings Emmie and Allie. Renee and Blu are hoping to have achieved Therapy Dog level of training late spring, and Blu is excited to begin school and meet all his new friends


Tim Buck’s Cluck Truck

Tim Buck’s Cluck Truck led by Elway the Duck, and in collaboration with Waterford Country School, brings a mobile farm experience to youth from Pre K to college.

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We offer presentations to school administration and Boards, in an effort to educate and share resources on the benefits of animal assistance in school settings. We attend wellness initiatives such as Fresh Check Day, Wellness Fairs and Dogs Days, in an effort to share the joy of companions with four legs, feathers and fur.

The Next Step

Project Paws supports equine therapy. The Next Step LLC, Equine Assisted Learning, in Lyme, CT, offers programming designed to address issues of dysregulation, self- awareness, decision making skills and social anxiety among youth.

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