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Tim Buckley was a remarkable young man.

Remarkable is a word that we don’t use lightly. It is extraordinary; not the rule, but the exception. But it’s a word that so many of his friends and family used to describe Tim. It’s a word that, unbeknownst to each other, we included in our eulogies when Tim lost his battle with the disease of addiction.

While substance use disorder claimed Tim’s life, it certainly did not define it. Those who love him recall an outdoors-man, a sports enthusiast and a lover of history. His compassion and empathy were recognized by all, and he will always be remembered for his sense of humor, larger-than-life smile and twinkling blue eyes.  

We believe that Tim’s time here was intentional, teaching us many things about ourselves.

While we are now without him, he continues to teach us. Through The Tim Buckley Project, we hope to share his lessons about life, love and being remarkable.


The unbreakable bond between a boy and his dog became the catalyst for The Tim Buckley Project, Project Paws.

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