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Meet Blu

Project Paws…Puppy with a Purpose

Meet Blu… the strikingly handsome Silver Lab with blue/green eyes. Playful, curious, cuddly and BRIGHT; these are just a few words we use to describe this special pup! Bluʼs mom, Renee, is a middle school guidance counselor, and she hopes that Blu will train to become a therapy dog. Renee is no stranger to the lab breed! After having Otis for 17 years, a chocolate lab, sheʼs a pro at all things lab. Renee has wanted to train a therapy dog for quite some time now. Having lost Otis just over a year ago, now, seemed to be the perfect time to introduce a new family member into her home. Renee discovered a training facility in the town of Deep River, called: The Perfect Pup. This seemed fitting for Blu, who is at the top of his class. This newly opened training facility is run by a gifted trainer named Janice. Janice has been training dogs for 5 years. Just like humans, puppies require socialization for healthy development. Socialization fosters learning and is important for developing communication skills and understanding social cues in both humans and dogs. In order to extend learning, Blu continues to meet up with his pals once a week for Social Hour before he settles down and gets to work at his Puppy One class. Focus is his strong suit, particularly when the smell of bacon is in the air. Blue is working on his basic commands such as sit, free, stay, and loose leash walking. Working through an obstacle course exposes Blu to sights, sounds & textures that are necessary for healthy brain development and sensory regulation. 

You can find Blu out and about with his mom, Renee, his dad, Chris, and twin human siblings, Emmy and Allie. Blu loves to romp on the local Green meeting new friends. On the weekends, youʼll find him riding in the Captainʼs seat, barking out to his crew mates and honing his boating skills. The Tim Buckley Project, Project Paws, believes that facility dogs can have a strong impact on a school community. Incorporating a dog as part of the school community is helpful for both staff and students. Petting a dog releases the hormones Serotonin and Oxytocin; these are the feel good chemicals that make us more relaxed and happy. Often times, just looking at a dog can bring a smile to our faces and melt our hearts. We all look for a place to belong and find connection. For those who find connection and communication more challenging, dogs can bridge this gap. Being our authentic self can be difficult, particularly when we feel pressured to only show our best side. Society often tells us that sharing the uncomfortable parts of life isnʼt acceptable. Animals are amazingly authentic, they are unconditional & loyal. They are gifted role models for practicing acceptance and compassion. What better way to teach social emotional learning than to be loved by a dog. 

Now, donʼt you want a dog like Blu in your school? Contact us to find out more. Give us a call to chat about your questions and learn more about what a dog like Blu could do for you! Drop us an email at [email protected] to get more information! 

‘I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.ʼ