Project Paws Community Teams play an important role in sharing our mission. This group of amazing volunteers, partner with their pets, and share the love with students and staff in multiple school districts. We are so lucky to have them!


Brie Marie & Julie O’Brien

Brie Marie and her mom, Julie, are a Community Team volunteering with Project Paws.

Following in her late mom, Lyla’s, footsteps as a therapy dog, Brie took to therapy dog training and thrilled her mom, Julie, with her natural ability to provide comfort and love. Brie is a six-year-old rambunctious Portuguese water dog, full of mischief. Patiently lying-in wait at the bird feeder, Brie is delighted to chase the squirrels. Portuguese water dogs do love the water, acting as a lifeguard, she patrols the pool all summer long, going in and out and looking for frogs. She loves the beach and will go in the water no matter the temperature. Brie is very bright, she knows the difference between work and play, when it’s time to put on her vest she knows she’s going to work. The loss of Brie’s mom, Lyla, in May of 2021 was very difficult for the Obrien Family. The family recently rescued a Portuguese Water dog and Brie has taken to her role as nurturer and has been training her younger sibling.  Julie says, ‘Brie and I have such a strong bond, when I look into her beautiful eyes, I feel so blessed to have her in my life.’

Julie is also a member of the Board, click on ‘Meet the Board’ to learn more about Julie.


Maisey & Howard Margules

Maisey and her dad, Howard, are a Community Team volunteering with Project Paws.

Maisey is an 11 ½ Labradoodle, and she has been a therapy dog for the past nine years.  She loves to ride in the car and races to the door once she hears the rattling of car keys. She prefers to ride up front in order to check out everyone she sees.  She even knows how to open the car windows.  When Howard’s wife sings to her, she will bang her tail on the ground to keep up with the music. Before COVID, she used to visit about 100 people per week.  She prefers people to other animals and mostly ignores other dogs. Like a shadow, Maisey enjoys going tagging along with Howard wherever he goes, she is a very mellow girl.


Nemo, Zoey & Dawn McCarthy

Nemo, Zoey, and their mom, Dawn, are Community Teams volunteering with Project Paws.

Nemo is a two-year-old goofy Lab mix who loves to share his boisterous wiggle with everyone he meets. His silliness brings a smile to all who meet him. He was named after Nemo the fish- because like the fish- Nemo was born with a ‘bum fin.’ Zoey is an easy-going, sweet girl who finds joy in simple things. Her snuggles are the truest form of unconditional love and support.  Zoey is a two-year-old hound mix. Zoey loves learning new tricks. Currently, she can roll over, give a paw, crawl, and spin- she’ll do just about anything for a treat! Zoey and Nemo are tri-pawds, meaning they are amputees with three legs.  Their disability has not slowed them slow them down.  Their resilience shows though in their energized spirits and eagerness to run, play and spread love.

Dawn is also the Administrative Program Coordinator for Project Paws, click on ‘    ‘ to learn more.


Ezra & Pennie Garvin

Ezra and his mom, Pennie are a Community Team volunteering with Project Paws.

Ezra is an eight-year-old Irish Wolfhound who loves being a therapy dog!  Ezra especially loves working with kids.  He knows all his tricks and commands using both verbal and hand signals, everyone can enjoy being with him, no matter their ability level.  Ezra is a gentle giant who loves to bring smiles to everyone he meets!


Addison, Alyssa & Stacy Spooner

Genny, her siblings Addison and Alyssa, and Mom, Stacy are Community Teams volunteering with Project Paws.

Genny has been volunteering as a therapy dog since 2019. It’s not uncommon to see Genny volunteering with all three family members. Friendly and curious with a large personality, Genny is a Maltese Shih Tzu mix, who weighs in at a whopping 8 lbs. Although Genny is willing to volunteer in most settings, she prefers smaller groups or even one on one interactions. She especially enjoys the attention of children, who are intrigued by her small size and occasional tricks. When she is not volunteering, Genny enjoys a good nap on her perch next to her kitchen window, periodically keeping tabs on the routines of the wildlife she spots in her front yard.


Duke & Elizabeth Maynard-White (Tiger)

Duke and his mom, Tiger, are a Community Team volunteering with Project Paws.

Duke is a 125lb, five-and-a-half-year-old English Mastiff. Duke is magical, a pure love bug who is eager to meet everyone and shares joy wherever he goes. Duke is eager to visit, he will run to get dressed in his vest, and do his jubilant dance as he gets into work mode as he leads Tiger to the car.

Tiger is also a member of the Board, click on ‘Meet the Board’ to learn more.


Louie & Rebecca Russell

Louie and his mom, Rebecca, are a Community Team volunteering with Project Paws.

When choosing her Labrador Retriever puppy from the breeder in Vermont, Rebecca chose the pup with a unique “zipper”, a cowlick running up the center of his face…she named him Louie. His breeder named him, ‘Laid Back Louie.” Louie loves to play with his older sister, chew on Benebones, and loves to learn and please. He has completed agility, and rally and currently attends an intermediate obedience class for fun and continued education. His laid-back attitude makes him a great therapy dog. He loves people (and dogs) of all ages! Louie is a 19-month-old Lab who makes me smile and laugh each day.


Stevie & Laura Way (My Way Golden Retrievers)

Stevie and her mom, Laura, are a Community Team volunteering with Project Paws.

Stevie is a 6th generation Golden Retriever produced by Laura herself of My Way Golden Retrievers. Stevie is a breath of sunshine who enjoys therapy work, nose work, hiking, and helping to socialize puppies. Stevie always has a huge smile, her nickname is, ’Tail that Wags the Dog.’


Ace, Barkley, Darwin & Lauren & Tim Crowley

Ace, Barkley, Darwin, and their mom and dad, Lauren & Tim, are Community Teams volunteering with Project Paws.

Barkley (age 8), Ace (age 4), and Darwin (age 2) love their jobs as therapy dogs. They enjoy playing together and swimming during their days off.  They love volunteering as a family, the boys take turns with the 2-legged team members.

Lauren is also a member of the Advisory Board, click on ‘Meet the Board’ to learn more.


Benelli & Sammee Pietee

Benelli (aka Bennee) and her mom, Sammee, are a Community Team volunteering with Project Paws.

Sammee and her husband rescued Bennee from a kill shelter in Georgia when she was 10 weeks old. Bennee is a five-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog. Down south this breed is known as a hunting dog. Fortunately, Bennee likes to hunt couches and blankets. She is a cuddle bug and her mom’s best friend. Benelli shares love with all those she meets, making her an ideal therapy dog.


Cali & Lisa Buckley

Cali and, Lisa, are a Community Team volunteering with Project Paws.

This golden girl is a bundle of sunshine. Gifted with the name California by her mom, Allie, she goes by Cali for short. Goofball is the word that comes to mind… She greets each day with a spring in her step and a smile on her face. She is a bundle of affection with a gift for sharing love, making her a natural at her job. One look in her big brown eyes and she is sure to melt your heart. She is a mixed breed of Lab, Golden, and Beagle. At two and a half, she still looks like a puppy. She is pure joy!

Lisa is the founder of Project Paws, click on ‘Meet the Founder’ to learn more.

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