FUNNY…As a child, whenever I used that word, my Dad would say, ‘Funny haha or funny peculiar?’ Well, for Tim, he was a little of both. He was uproariously funny, and at the same time he was a bit quirky. He had a unique and brilliant mind, and a mature sense of humor. His laughter came from his toes. You could often hear him chuckling from the other room while watching television. If you dared to peek in, you might not approve of what was on.

CURIOUS…I often say he had a brain that never slowed. One that would question, argue, debate and challenge. He was always questioning the world around him. A lover of history and politics, he was fascinated with world events. Try to tell Tim NO, go ahead, it might not end well.

MISCHIEVOUS…that big goofy grin, it went from ear to ear. It was silly and playful and often it was the result of something going on in his own mind. I think Tim spent a lot of time in his head entertaining himself.

KIND- HEARTED…Tim always meant well. His actions might not have always matched his intentions; underlying anxiety can do that sometimes. Ruminating thoughts and compulsions can make it difficult not to act on impulse. Talk to any parent of a child like Tim, they will tell you that their children have the biggest hearts.

An OLD SOUL… as a young child, I often thought Tim had a certain knowing that made him a bit other worldly; perhaps this wasn’t his first rodeo. His time here was short but he packed a lot of lessons into his time here. I think that his challenges made us think. He certainly kept us on our toes.

#REMARKABLE…Simply put, Tim Buckley was an authentic, compassionate and loving; son, brother, grandson, cousin and FRIEND, to all that knew and loved him.